Jan 13, 2011

330. GL Designs,Doppelganger Inc,IMANI...


Hair "GINETTE" trico (Lucky Board limited color)
Get Stripped Hoodie & Uggs Boot GL Designs (Group gift)
Glasses "Back to School" White & Black Mons (Group gift)

URC519 hair booN (Group gift)
LP Color-changing Set Styles By Danielle (What's the News Hunt #68, Jan 1-31)
Tux Dress Doppelganger Inc (FREE - Mainstore Opening Gift!)
Newspaper Pants IMANI (FREE)

Hair "CERENA" trico (Lucky Board limited color)
"City Rambler" Tweed Vest, Tee, Black Jeans, Boots
Sassy Kitty Designs (A Depraved New Year Hunt #9, Jan 2-31)