Apr 13, 2011

385. SOUP,Pig,Sheep Door,RONSEM...

[Left] to [Right]

HAIR Jane Exile (FREE)
Jersey SOUP (profile pick gift -march & april)
Basic Mid Calf Socks LaViere (Opening Gift)
NW Chucks Hello kity2 LiNe (Camping. 60 minutes)

Sweater + 2 Shirts Pig (0L - for the Free Dove)
Urban Writing Jeans & Writing lock belt Miu' ... by Zoex (0L$, Slider Game Prize)
NW Chucks Dalmation LiNe (Camping. 60 minutes)

Mexican poncho Sheep Door (Lucky Board)
SweetSocks Beatnik (FREE)
NW Chucks sponge bob LiNe (Camping. 60 minutes)

BUKATSU Jersey Sheep Door (Group gift)
Jersey Half red RONSEM (Cover My Furry Butt Hunt, Apr 1 - 30)
SUPERSTAR Shoes c Eins (45 Minutes ITEM-CAMP)