Jul 7, 2012

528. Kal Rau,HairARt,DECO,7Style,CHoOoZ,Lola...


Promo V-Neck and Shorts with HUD Kal Rau (Group Gift)
antalya sandals colour change sf design (FREE)
Necklace FZaPP (FREE)
Key Chain Kal Rau (Group gift, Join & Check notice)

Brandon Hair Brown HairARt (June Group Gift)
Wooly Pully DECO (SOM - Group Gift JUNE 2012)
skinny Graffiti Jeans 7Style (New Gift, limited time!)
Skully Chucks Kennedy's (SOM gift, Check history)

Shirt Headache SANTO (GROUP GIFT)
Dress Nina Lola (Group Gift)
Boots "Jones" Peppermint CHoOoZ (Midnight Mania)