Jul 31, 2010

209. Flirt Boutique,Acid & Mala...

Cobble Knoll mini dress Flirt Boutique (BEACH LOVING HUNT #9/Ends Aug-1)
Green Velvet Cap MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT (Free)
Bag jador (Free)

Hat & Hair trico (Group gift)
Just what i want Dress Garden Acid & Mala (The Addiction Hunt #43/Ends Aug-15)
Short Denim with DoubleLing Belt [BUKKA] (Unlucky Chair)
sandalettes [chuculet] (fabfree groupgift)
Marche bag mixx Ethnic Style (Group gift)

208. aMuse,gallery fumiwo...

Hair "Oh Darling" (Posh) (The Rumor Exclusive Gift)
Vintage Flair Skirt aMuse (Vintage Flair Hunt #2/Ends 30th July)

Hat & Shirt & Socks gallery fumiwo (Group gift)
ENAMEL PUMPS Black&Red EXiA (Free)

8. Poison ,Improve L,M2M...

Hair SM Improve L (Free)
Geeky Glasses LiNe (The Addiction Hunt #51/Ends Aug-15)
Audrey dress Poison (BEACH LOVING HUNT #38/Ends Aug-1)
Ripped Leggings MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT (Free Gift Box)
ENAMEL PUMPS Black&Red EXiA (Opening Gift)
Porch AMKR (Free)

207. arnadi,BUKKA,DaMa,Posh...

" Tshirt Ramones white " [arnadi] (Lucky Board)

Hair "I'm a hipster" (Posh) (The Rumor Exclusive Gift)
Dare 2 Wear Jeans (Group gift, Join *Lunas boutique* & check notice)
Leather bag [BUKKA] (Subscribe welcome gift)
Glasses Special Blue Kumaki Glasses Style (group gift)

Hair "Melody" (Posh) (The Rumor Exclusive Gift)
Brown dot Jeans DaMa (subscribe gift, Check July 21 message)
Bag of Baguettes Tree & Ocean (Free)

Jul 29, 2010

7.Multiple Personality Designs,analog dog

Cool Breeze (Top, Shorts, Shoes)
Promise To Play (Top, Shorts, Sneaker)
Yours Truely (Top, Skirt)

"Release Day Freebie!" *Multiple Personality Designs*

All Hair "Free" analog dog

Jul 28, 2010

206. Pig,GOVIL,D!va,U&R DOGS

Hair "Chiharu" D!va (more than 5000 group member celebration gift)
Camisole & Shorts (Pig Day Lilies Gift, Join purveyors of accidental love & check notice)
Pearl Flower Jewel GOVIL (LUCKY BORD 2colors ONLY 1 week)
Nail Aleko Beach U&R DOGS (BEACH LOVING HUNT #24/Until Aug-1)

Jul 27, 2010

205.LiNe,INDIE ROSE,COCO,Posh...

Hair 3 colors & 3 forelock Arata Shouten (1L)
Geeky Glasses LiNe (The Addiction Hunt #51/Ends Aug-15th)
Switch T *ARAI* (Free)
color mini skirt set Blue&Grey *salire (Free)
shoes Floral Ballerinas INDIE ROSE (Subscribe gift)

Hair Egotistical (Posh) (Hair Pack Jumbo Bundle,The Rumor Exclusive Gift)
Dot blue Ducknipple (The Addiction Hunt #8/Ends Aug-15th)
WhiteLeggings & DenimShorts *COCO* (Group Gift)
Kelligan Clog Sweeter Than Candy (Subscribe gift, check July 25 message)
Jewelry Petite Flower Set *Frangipani Garden* (Limited Gift)

204. DURA,CheerNo,Posh,INDIE ROSE...

Hat & Hair **DURA** (Free,Summer gift)
Tied Up Dottie Tee JoyLove (Summertime And The Livin's Easy Hunt/July 1-31th)
ouch ::FIERCE KIDDY CREW:: (Free)
SEAL Slippers (Group gift, Join CheerNo & check notice)

Hair Dizzying Highs (Posh) (fat pack - freebie)
shoes Floral Ballerinas INDIE ROSE (Subscribe gift)
Chiffon Tunic =KtH= x *S (Subscribe gift-Jul 18)

203. DURA,ARAI,BUKKA,WoE,arnadi...

Hair **DURA** (Group gift)
Switch T *ARAI* (Free)
Graecyn Capri WoE (The Addiction Hunt #4/Ends Aug-15th)
Shoes A-BOMB (The Addiction Hunt #5/Ends Aug-15th)

Hair Mizuki *hair shop nodoka* (Lucky Board)
Tshirt Ramones [arnadi] (subscribe gift)
Short Denim with DoubleLing Belt [BUKKA] (Unlucky Chair)
Sneakers Magnifico (Profile Picks Gift)
Tote bag check NINIKO (Free,looks for stones)

202. AnA,!Doux,Arata Shouten...

Hair 3 colors & 3 forelock Arata Shouten (1L)
USAGI Hair Band AnA (Lucky Board)
Summer Cover Soft Pink [Rolled Up & Long Slvd] !Doux Couture (Midnight Mania)
Leopard Jeans Gold !Doux Couture (Midnight Mania)
Karma Sneaker pink IBIZARRE (Free)
necklace & earrings 'Abstract Zebra' Primalot (Free)
Tattoo Butterfly 4 colors Atelier LA (Group gift)

6. LakyaLa,Biss Couture,MonS...

Dungaree shirt *LakyaLa* (Lucky Board, July 20-27)
Eliza Hair *Bliss Couture* (Grand opening Gift)
Tattoo Butterfly 4 colors Atelier LA (Group gift)
Bracalets "Planet" 5 colors MonS (Group gift)

Jul 23, 2010

5. aDIVA couture,o*m,GOVIL...

HAIR Tifa & ribbon GOVIL (Lucky Board)
Skin Summer Tone [ III ] (SOL Gift)
Misses Jones Skirt,Belt,Earring,Straw Tote aDIVA couture (SOL Gift)

Hair dolly o*m (subscribe gift, check July 8 message)
Open Toe Pumps Multipack [Plausible Body] (Free, Xstreet)
Summer Slash Dress,Necklace,Earring aDIVA couture (SOL Gift)

The Summer of Love Fair

Jul 22, 2010

201. !Doux,FK Virtues,Alexohol,Izzie's...

{{ FREEBIE }} - Left to Right -

Ruffle Bikini !Doux Couture (Midnight Mania)
Sunny Day Sandals *VioMagic* (MadPea Duck Hunt /July 1- 31)
Ukiwa Hani (subscribe gift, Check "2010-07-01" message)
tattoo LGStyle ItalianStyle (Free)

Beach Babe Bikini,Shorts,Flats FK Virtues (Free)
MOOD BAG TASTY (subscribe gift, check July 20 message)
Necklace & Leather Belt The Reject Shoppe (subscribe gift)
Tattoos Dead Carrot (subscribe welcome gift)

Beth Hairstyle ChiChickie! (Color Your Summer Hunt #58/Ends Aug-1)
Camera & Pose Mannequin (The Summer of Love Fair/Ends Aug-8)
Sex on the Beach Bikini Alexohol (The Summer of Love Fair/Ends Aug-8)
Glasses [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] (The Summer of Love Fair/Ends Aug-8)
Rainbow Slice Bangle Set Cherry (The Summer of Love Fair/Ends Aug-8)

hair NO5 BLACK GOVIL (Group gift)
Swimsuit Izzie's (The Summer of Love Fair/Ends Aug-8)
Red Rockin Shades Bellies (Summer Rock Hunt #8/Ends Aug-10)
Crystal Heart Pendant Dahlinks (The Summer of Love Fair/Ends Aug-8)

4. Love Its,salire...

dot dress & stockings lace *LOVE Its* (Lucky Board)
Hair Juliette ChiChickie! (subscribe gift, check July 11 message)
rose low-wedge Sandal Umi Usagi (Group gift)

Check dress *salire* (Lucky Board)
Sunny Day Sandals *VioMagic* (MadPea Duck Hunt/July 1- 31)
Hair YunA'sHAIR (Lucky Board)

Jul 20, 2010

200. S@BBIA,Ume Mode,PixelDolls...

{{ FREEBIE }} - Left to Right -

Top & Skirt S@BBiA (Group Gift)
Luana Hair Majestic Beautiful Dirty Rich (Free)
Oceania Heels Deviant Designs (Mellow Yellow Hunt #13/July 1-25)

Citrus Dress Ume Mode (Lucky Board)
Papillon hair *RibboN* (Hair HUNT ,2L$)
Stone neckless Zephi's (Free)

Yulia Hair Majestic Beautiful Dirty Rich (Free)
Bianca Top PixelDolls (Free)
Jeans *LOVE Its* (Free)
Lori Flats JustMine!!! (Group Gift)

199. JE*REPUBLIC,trico...

Hair LOU {{trico}} (Lucky Board)
Brown Dress DaMa (subscribe welcome gift)
Open Toe Pumps Multipack [Plausible Body] (Free, Xstreet)

Hair 023 Limited Color Arata Shouten (Camp 10min)
Border OP [M*Motion] (Free)
comic pants Womens Dreamy Bodyshop (Color Your Summer Hunt #10/Ends Aug-1)
Starry Beach Shoe Deviant Designs (Out of this World Hunt #28/Ends July-29)

Jul 19, 2010

3. Izzie's,Doux...

Hair Letitia RezIpsa Loc (Lucky Chair)
Classic Swimwear -4 color set- *G FIeld* (subscribe gift, check July 14 message)
Bow Waist Belt 5 color set Izzie's (The Addiction Hunt #39/Ends Aug 15)
Pink Flats Cynful (The Addiction Hunt #14/Ends Aug 15)
Bracelet ,Earring Ear Candy (Mad as a Hatter Hunt #43/Ends July 31)

Vintage One Piece !Doux (Summertime & The Livin's Easy Hunt/July 1-31)
chignon cap Collar change Umi Usagi (Group gift)
Pavlova Shoe Rose River Saloon (Group gift)
Umbrella *Kattastrophe* (Free)

2. PR!TTY,evergreen...

Breezy Pink Floral Top (Group gift, Join PR!TTY Check notice)
Lori Flats Berry ::JustMine!!! (Color Your Summer Hunt #28/until Aug 1)
gamaguchi bag tram (Group gift)
SuperStar Shades Bellies (Midnight Mania)
Hair Flower Lookatme Designs (Color Your Summer Hunt #18/until Aug 1)

Marin border bikini *evergreen* (Group gift)
The beach complete set Pure Poison (L$149, old Midnight Mania)

1. Arata Shouten,DaMa...

Hair 3color set Arata Shouten (1L$)
Orange glow dress DaMa (subscribe gift, check July 16 message)
Baby Love Pump LEMANIA INDIGO DESIGNS (Vintage Flair Hunt #34/until July 30th)
Bangles,Earring,Nails Ear Candy (Mellow Yellow Hunt #11/until July 25th)
Crochet Tights !Doux Couture (LuckyCupcake)

POSE Exposeur (PRO POSERS HUNT 2010/until August 5th)