Sep 24, 2014

725. Seirin Hair,mimpi,KlubWerK,RONSEM,K2K...

...............FREEBIES !!

[[ Left ]]
HAIR - Pink002 Seirin Hair (Lucky Board)
Loose Tee + texture change HUD mimpi (FREE)
fuwa mini-skirt + texture change HUD mimpi (FREE)
Campbell Boots spikes Miss Canning (Group Gift)

[[ Center ]]
HAIR - Blonde 029 Seirin Hair (Lucky Board)
biker style jacket K2K (The Last Leaf Hunt, Leaf No.4, Sept 1 - 30)
Loop Tie amiable (Group Gift for400 Members)
Skinny Jeans COCO DESIGNS (Group Gift)
Biker Boots Baby Monkey (Group Gift, Join Fee)

[[ Right ]]
Long Hair Seirin Hair (Group Gift)
tanktop mimpi (FREE)
Stone Bracelet RONSEM (Group Gift)
Pants KlubWerK (Gift)
Sneakers Flyman III Black PYTHON (Lucky Board)

Sep 17, 2014

724. COCO,amiable,Duh,Moon Amore...


HAIR Kora - Fatpack pr!tty (Group Gift)
Knit Muffler amiable (Welcome Gift)
Love u pants Moon Amore (July gift)
Platform Sneakers UnionJack COCO DESIGNS (Group Gift)

HAIR Dakota - Fatpack pr!tty (Group Gift)
Loop Tie amiable (Group Gift for 400 Members)
Blouse-Alyssa (Hituji-Blue) Honey*Soul (Free @ ENIQ Cafe)
Skinny Jeans COCO DESIGNS (Group Gift)
Linen Sneakers Golden Duh (September Mini Mini Hunt @ FREE DOVE)

Sep 14, 2014

723. AtiK,tomboi,Tinroof,EXILE,ELUZION...

...............FREEBIES !!

[[ Left ]]
fatpack Hair DURA (The 4 year Anniversary gift)
Top AtiK (Group Gift July14)
Saturday Shorts tomboi (Group Gift)
Sneakers Flyman III Black PYTHON (Lucky Board)
Pickin' Pack Tinroof (Subscribe group gift)

[[ Right ]]
HAIR After The Rain- Sparkle naturals pack EXILE (Subscribe gift, Check history)
Sashka GLASSES Pink and Bow ELUZION (FREE)
Denim dress AtiK (Group Gift SEPTEMBER)
Sneakers StarDust Pink PYTHON (Lucky Board)

Sep 10, 2014



HAIR 'Elastic Heart' Moon (Group Gift)
Sweater EhR (Group Gift)
Mery Skirt Love WERTINA (Group Gift)
Campbell Boots spikes Miss Canning (Group Gift)
Snake Skin Clutch ECCO (SL F&O Group Gift)

HAIR 'Lunatic Fits - ALL' Moon (Group Gift)
Melissa Belted Denim Skirt Blueberry (Group Gift)
Lady Boot PYTHON (Lucky Board)
Little Leather Clutch Duh (Lucky Board)

Sep 5, 2014

721. CandyMetal,The Uncle Ho`s Bunker,DROP,Moon...

...............FREEBIES !!

[[ Left ]]
HAIR 'Absence of Fear - ALL' Moon (Group Gift)
Rock Princess T-shirt & Denim Shorts CandyMetal (September group gift)
Sneake with socks Lutako (Lucky Board)

[[ Center ]]
HAIR 'Tied to Me - ALL' Moon (Group Gift)
Irena Top & Cargo Pants The Uncle Ho`s Bunker (SL FREES & OFFERS GIFT)
Red 2-Tone Hiking Boots Duh (Lucky Board)

[[ Right ]]
HAIR 'Flowers of December - ALL' Moon (Group Gift)
Bermuda Shorts D R O P (DEMO GIFT)
Ankle Wrap Sneakers Duh (Lucky Board)