May 31, 2012

510. Public Enemy, BeReckless, FuchOn...


Stop SOPA Shirt Public Enemy (Group Gift)
Mesh Spirit Shorts Blue FuchOn (Lucky Board)
Saddle Shoes & Socks Candy Stripes (Group Gift - Find it! hidden in a pencil!)

Good Girl Mesh Shirt & Shorts & Ballet Flats BeReckless (GROUP GIFT)
Glossy Glasses Le Poppycock (Lucky Board)

USA Flag sweater Pirate Arts (GROUP GIFT)
Mesh Pants Denim OMG FuchOn (Lucky Board)
Slips REBEL Red Latreia (limited free gift)

May 26, 2012

509. Juxtapose,Loordes of London,Violation Inc...


Andrew Luck Jersey Violation Inc (High Voltage Hunt #16, May 1 - 31)
chinos - grey sf design (FREE)
Unisex High Voltage Boots Duh! (High Voltage Hunt #46, May 1 - 31)

Karma Shirt Sour Pickles (High Voltage Hunt #56, May 1 - 31)
LIVERPOOL JEANS Loordes of London (High Voltage Hunt #58, May 1 - 31)
CRICKHOWELL BOOTS Loordes of London (No Strings Attached Hunt 4, May 1 - 31)

TIedie tunic & Skirt NAMINOKE (High Voltage Hunt #29, May 1 - 31)
WITTERING SANDAL Loordes of London (Poppin' Penguin Hunt #19, May 1 - 31)

[[ POSE ]]
3 Wear & Pose Cupcakes! Juxtapose (Cupcake War Hunt 2 #11, May 11 - 28)

May 25, 2012



Hair Sophia Tameless (No Strings Attached Hunt, May 1 - 31)
COCO Accessory set green Crystal Line (Lucky Board)
Marry Dress CENSORED (Cupcake War Hunt 2 #24, May 11 - 28)
Pumps Teal Chained [Blossom] (FREE)

Rombo Necklace Earrings PurpleMoon (14k Members Giftie <3 Subscribe - Check history) Graffiti Dress Valentina E (Subscribo Gift)
Pumps Sunshine [Blossom] (FREE)

May 22, 2012

507. Echo,IMBUE,NCparis,S@BBiA...


Legato Mesh Sleeveless Top Echo (Group gift)
Cargo Pants Beige S@BBiA (Lucky Board)
bag one hot pink gray 3D logo gold Confessions of 2 Shopaholics
(MAY GROUP GIFT - Join & Check notice)

Plaid Sleeveless Shirts FATPACK IMBUE (SOM gift, Check history - 'May 6' message)
Summer short Pants cheeky (Group gift)
Leather Brown Thigh Boots NCparis Design (Profile Gift)

May 19, 2012

506. DEW, Honey soul, CENSORED...


[Left] to [Right]

Couquet bag, belt, Pants, bangles DEW (Group Gift)

Puffy-Knit-Camisole, Tutu-Skirt, Leggins SET Honey soul (Lucky Board)
Brown Boots Chrysalis (Group gift)

Oversized Dress, Garter Socks Crickets (Group gift)
necklace, ridingboot Tentacio (Special gift for subscribe costumers)

Set I love Mom - Lipstick, Shirt, Skirt CENSORED (Group gift - Available for 2 days only)
Cat Flats Red MDL (Group Gift April'12)

May 18, 2012

505. LooP,kickROCKS,Sheep Door,MikanYA,


Cap, Sweater, Pants kickROCKS (Profile Gift)
Golfa belt LooP (Group gift)
waist bag MikanYA (Group gift)

Fitted Hat - Cookie Monster kickROCKS (Lucky Legos)
Down Vest;Navy kickROCKS (Lucky Legos)
Pocket Tshirts Sheep Door (Group gift)
Brams Pants FatPack LooP (Group gift)

MYA Cap and hair-unisidep MikanYA (Group gift)
Pocket Tshirts Sheep Door (Group gift)
saddle Pants FatPack LooP (Group gift)

[[Monsturrr Truck]] kickROCKS (Midnight Mania)

May 14, 2012

504. D R O P,kickROCKS,BDR...


Sesame Street Hat kickROCKS (SSH #18)
Letterman Jacket kickROCKS (Profile Gift)
Genius Cube Necklace kickROCKS (The Nerd Love Hunt, Apr 2 - May 2)
Summer short Pants cheeky (Group gift)
Sneaksers "Flyman I Red" Python (Lucky Board)

Danitza Hair Beautiful Dirty Rich (FREE)
Jingisukan Tshirts [Sheep Door] (FREE)
"Back Home" Baggy Pants, Belt, Sneakers, Gloves Beautiful Dirty Rich (Group Gift April)
Tower Icecream Tounge RazzBerry Inc (SNH #25 / Summer Nights Hunt. May 1 - 31)

Tee D R O P (Group gift)
Paisley Shorts D R O P (High Voltage Hunt #6, May 1 - 31)

May 11, 2012

503. Bella's Lullaby,pesca,ELUZION...


Hair *Milk-Darlbrown* hairshop nodoka (Groupgift03)
soft blouse/mesh pesca (Lucky Board)
Spring's Back Dress Y&R (Lucky Board)
Flower Boots Beige Cafe*Amie (Lucky Board)
Cookie Satchel Bag Cafe*Amie (Group gift)

"Don't touch my eggs" Shirt, ring, necklace Tentacio (April gift)
Sleeveless Plaid Shirts Bella's Lullaby (Group gift)
Flower Boots Black Cafe*Amie (Group gift)
Mini Mouse Handbag Bella's Lullaby (Group gift)

Hair Lo*momo (petit pas ville GroupGift - Apr,2012)
Darling Tee 1 Hundred (Group Gift! Free to join Designer Showcase VIP )
Girls Just Want to Have Fun Travel Bag Bella's Lullaby (Group gift)

May 7, 2012

502. elymode,Blueberry,CENSORED,FZaPP...

[Left to Right]

Hair -yumi milky-way (Lucky Board)
Shirt & Pants "Set Amelie" CENSORED (Group Gift)

Mesh Strapless Tube Top & City jeans Ydea Style (Group gift)
neckalce x ring, Earrings FZaPP (Subscribe gift)

Hair "Senri2" Ruby D!va (LB limited color!)
Vita Cinch white, Vita Miniskirt white elymode (Lucky Chair)
Eva Socks - blue / purple elymode (FREE)

Hair Mystery Redux - Dreamy Red Clawtooth (Subscriber Group gift)
Keila Mesh Dress & Belt LA DULCE VIDA (Group gift)

Hair Dura (TRPH2 #23)
Balloon Beige Shirt Blueberry (Group gift)
Cherry Merry Berry Bag Dark Midday Designs (No Strings Attached Hunt 4, May 1 - 31)
Spring Bracelets Blueberry (Group gift)

May 1, 2012

501. Goth1c0,INK.7Style...


Hair___BLANK INK (Group gift)
mesh Tshirts (RED) Sand Inc (oppening gift)
pins bag Cafe Green Gables (FREE)
-Blondo- boots unisex 7Style (Menstuff Gift 55)

Kitty Hair Strawberrycream Alli&Ali Designs (Hair Voting Present f 27th April 2012)
Gun Fire bracelets, Earrings, Leggins, top Goth1c0 (Group gift)