Mar 28, 2013

625. Soothe,Motivaction,NuDoLu,VG,CHANDELLE...

..............FREEBIES !!

Hair - Momo ALICE PROJECT (Anime Hunt 2 #12, Ends - Apr 15)
Mesh shirt Alex CHANDELLE (GROUP GIFT - FREE 2013#2)
Jeans skinny NuDoLu (Group Gift)
ANGEL Shoes VG SHOES (Group Gift)

Hair "Vivienne" D!va (Mimi's limited gift)
Alma Shirt & Vest A&C Sweet (FREE)
Kay Pants - Dusty Red MOLiCHiNO (Gift)
DOLCE Shoes NUDE VG SHOES (Group Gift)

Down feather Vest Soothe (Kai Mahalo Group Gift)
Painted Jeans Motivaction (Opening Gift)
EXPLORER Shoes VG SHOES (Group Gift)

Mar 23, 2013

624. Liv-Glam, Killa DesignZ, Una,


[[Left]] Killa DesignZ
Sweater & cream jeans & boots (Fall group gift)

[[Center]] Liv-Glam
Sweater & flower skinny (Group gift, join the Designer Showcase VIP)

[[Right]] Una
Tunic & scarf & Pants & arm warmer & UGGs (Lucky Board)

Mar 20, 2013

623. Urban Swag,izm,7Style,Impish,Blank Line...

...............FREEBIES !!

HAT, Suspended Pants, Slip On Shoes Impish (Twisted Hunt #19, until Mar. 31)
Tshirt+Arm TextureChange Blank Line (Gift)

short loose cami izm (Gift @ CLUB Kai Mahalo)
Killer Bikini Impish (Lucky Chair)
Up Shorts 7Style (Group Gift)
Beige Holey Leggings Graffitiwear (March 2013 Subscriber Group Gift)

Jacobs shirts - 9 textures 7Style (Group gift)
back pack izm (kai mahalo group gift)
Pants with suspenders Urban Swag (Group Gift)

Mar 14, 2013

622. Killa DesignZ,UMEBOSHI,Motivaction,Impish.

...............FREEBIES !!

Hatter Hat & Alice Dress & Socks & Old Lace Boot Impish (Twisted Hunt #19, until Mar. 31)

Laurel Tank Dress Motivaction (Midnight Mania)
Sheer stockings UMEBOSHI (March 2013 Group gift)
gold bracelet Killa DesignZ (Lucky Chair)

Black Jacket Motivaction (March Group Gift)
Buckle up heel Killa DesignZ (Lucky Chair)

Mar 8, 2013

621. 7Style,Prism,Ricielli,Killa DesignZ...

...............FREEBIES !!

Stacked pearls mesh necklace lassitude & ennui (L$0 for Free*Style)
Denim Jumpsuit ethnicgradient Ricielli (Group gift)
Prestissimo Clutch yellow BSD Design Studio (FREE GIFT - Whore Couture Fair 2)

Hair(Msh) No.10 & Loose Pearls ( r e d ) M i n t (Group gift 03'13)
Sally Sweater Dress & Belt Prism (March Group gift)
Dietrish Nouveau_BLACK ATHOR (Group gift)

Hair "Asami" D!va (Lucky Board)
Sweater T-shirts - 14 textures 7Style (Group gift)
Heel Killa DesignZ (1000+ member gruop gift)

Mar 5, 2013

620. Sn@tch,SPLASH,KlubWerK,Duh...

...............FREEBIES !!

Nerd Glasses - Circus REDRUM (Free Gift)
Unisex Kiss-T Escape (Lucky Board)
Pant sport black +HUHU+ (Group gift)
Skullish Spike Boot Duh! (Lucky Chair)
Leather Bangles Sn@tch (L$0 for Free*Style)

Marchin' On - Shako hat BALACLAVA!! (SOM gift, Check history - 'Mar 1' message)
Moustache Times REDRUM (Poison Mushroom mini hunt)
Intense Tie black SPLASH (Gift)

Mar 4, 2013

619. MOLiCHiNO,solita,AnaLee Balut,HANDverk...

...............FREEBIES !!

Hair "Kalli" D!va (Lucky Board)
Stacked pearls mesh necklace lassitude & ennui (L$0 for Free*Style)
Kay Pants - Dusty Red MOLiCHiNO (Gift)
Clutch HANDverk (L$0 for Free*Style)

SCARF Milena Pastel KlubWerK (Group gift)
Ribbon Necklace Zenith Fashion (February Group Gift)
Loose Tee Sugar Plum So Many Styles (Group gift)
Long skirt solita (Kossori Gift 14 for Group members)

shirt with double vest AnaLee Balut (Group gift)
Pants Meggings Tableau Vivantk (L$0 for Free*Style)
Shoes Juana Espadrille Baby Monkey (L$0 for Free*Style)

Mar 1, 2013


..............FREEBIES !!

Long top Etnic t-shirt +HUHU+ (February Group Gift)
CHANTAL yellow ATHOR (Lucky Board)

Tee & Belt Thire (Gift !)
Skirt Denim Pleated OrsiniRed (Group gift)
Army Boot ( r e d ) M i n t (Group gift 01'13)

Basic Short Top! White cheeky (Subscriber GIFT)
Ruffled Skirt Leo SOUL (Group gift)
CHANTAL Red ATHOR (Lucky Board)