Aug 30, 2012

549. BADOURA DESIGN,into dust,Envyme...


V Neck Tshirt Yellow & Line Orange On Flats Envyme (Menstuff Hunt Gift #116)
very wide low pants grey into dust (Lucky Board)
ribbon shoulder bag S@BBiA (GroupGift No.28)

top - Flagship Cream Style Extrem, Upper Man (GROUP GIFT - This week only!)

Aug 28, 2012

548. Willow,HeadzUp,+9,FATAL...


kan kan hat +9 products (FREE)
WTF Chanel Sweater HeadzUp (Female Group Gift)
Kaleidoscope Shorts Willow (Group gift, Join & Check notice)
tote bag with sstationery +9 products (Group gift)

Boyfriend Shirt FATAL (ladies Group Gift 8/25)
Micha Boots Pastels Baby Monkey (Group Gift)

Cap and Pony Polo HeadzUp (Male Group Gift)
frill denim skirt BUKKA (Lucky Chair)

Aug 24, 2012

547. paper doll, EnvyMe, solita, Diva,


[Left] to [Right]

*Hippie Wash Tint Dress Envyme (POOL PARTY! HUNT #31, Aug 1 - 31)

*Dalia: HotPink Paper Doll (Reopening Mini Hunt! - Gift 3)

*Strapless Sundress: Rosebuds Paper Doll (Reopening Mini Hunt! - Gift 4)

*Twinkle Night Dress solita (Lucky Board)

{ALL Hair} D!va (Group gift)

546. G&N,Latreia,M*G*S,+9...


kan kan hat +9 products (FREE)
Rock T-shirt BC322 (Lucky Board)
Prim mini skirt M*G*S (Group gift)
FlipFlop with micanga +9 products (FREE)

Anya Mesh Sporty top G&N Quality Design (new preview gift)
Mesh Skinny Jeans with Britain NiNight Creations (Group Gift)
Herc Tan Sandals Latreia Foot Fashion (Menstuff Hunt Gift #101)

Aug 22, 2012

545. Dot-Be,366DAYS,+9,M*G*S,TheCilekli,


Cardigan + tank 366DAYS (Group gift)
Baggy Camo pants pink Dot-Be (Group gift)
Flip Flop - sea side story +9 products (FREE)

fluffy-up *Hairpin* M*G*S (LB limited)
Off-shoulder shirt M*G*S (Group gift)
-BoL- Mesh Crotch Pants Pink Cute TheCilekli (Group gift)

544. Miss C,TheCilekli,366DAYS,


HAIR - Fat Pack Miss C (Subscribe welcome gift)
Mubis Mesh Sweater TheCilekli (Group gift)
Feather-LongSkrt & Belt 366DAYS (Lucky Board)

Tirn Mesh Hair Blue TheCilekli (Group gift)
Blue Skinny Mesh Pant TheCilekli (Group gift)
Leather Ankle Mesh Boots TheCilekli (Group gift)

Aug 18, 2012

543. yulicie,YoPulga,Diorsis,Something Sexy...


Hair - Fabiane Copper red Diorsis Hair Design (Group Gift)
Shirt Check LOVE RE ME (Lucky Board)
Mesh Jean Shorts Something Sexy (August Gift)
Shoes Second Life Take Away (Group gift)

Hair(Mesh) No.04 ( R E D ) M I N T (Group gift 08'12)
Sweater - Yellow Elephant yulicie (Group Gift)
Dotty Teal Leggins YoPulga (Group Gift)
Indiana Tweed Shoes Ziva's Underground Footware (PFH #047)

Aug 11, 2012

542. S@BBiA,Baby Monkey,(red)Mint,Blueberry,


meshHair No.00 (red)Mint (FREE)
Denim Jumpsuit Blueberry (Group Gift, Join & Check notice)
Open Toe Jute Pumps S@BBiA (Lucky Board)

meshHair No.00 (red)Mint (FREE)
sleeveless blouse S@BBiA (GroupGift)
Micha Boots Pastels Baby Monkey (GroupGift)

541. Airflow,Duh,Bella's Lullaby,CHoOoZ,


Moustache Tee & Ruffle Skirt Bella's Lullaby (GroupGift)
3 sock lengths Boots "Brooke": Faded Sky CHoOoZ (Midnight Mania)

Long-T Airflow (Group gift)
Brown Leather Deck Shoe Duh (Menstuff Hunt Gift #66)

Aug 8, 2012

540. Eaters Coma,Pirate Arts,NuDoLu,TARA...


HAIR GIFT 01 / FAT PACK Eaters Coma (Group Gift)
Lisa *Mesh* Skirt in Red Blueberry (Group Gift, Join & Check notice)
Mackenzie Boots Berry Baby Monkey (Lucky Board)

HAT NuDoLu (Group gift 2012 august)
PRAY Off Shoulder Sweater Pirate Arts (Group Gift)
leggings rose NuDoLu (Lucky Board)
Bare Feet and Flat Strap Sandals Tara (Midnight Mania)

539. Y&R,Bella's Lullaby,GABRIEL...


*Earrings black FZaPP (FREE - Subscriber August NEW)
*Mesh I <3 Geeks Off Shoulder Shirt Bella's Lullaby (Lucky Board)
*The UK flag leggings Y&R (Past And Future Hunt, Aug 1 - 31)
*Mesh tote bags Bella's Lullaby (Lucky Board)

Aug 4, 2012

538. hairshop nodoka,Blueberry,SANTO,solita,


Hair Saeko hairshop nodoka (Lucky Board)
Stars strap top Y&R (Lucky Board)
*Mesh* Jenna Skirt Blueberry (SOM gift, Check history - 'Jul 26' message)

6 Cotton Shirts SANTO (Kossori Gift 11 Group Member Only)
Skirt solita (Kossori Gift 12)
FATPACK Standard Espadrillias - LINE BALKANIK2,0 (Group Gift)

Aug 3, 2012

537. FATAL,solita,GoK,FIEND...


Fruity Tie Front Shirt GoK (Group Gift)
DropIt - MESH Pants *s* BlUE FIEND (Things for Woman Gift)
FATPACK Standard Espadrillias - Hawaii BALKANIK2,0 (Group Gift)

Vneck Tshirt - Blue FATAL (Group Gift)
Skirt solita (Kossori Gift 12)
Sneakers Kawaii Lowtops Bella's Lullaby (Lucky Board)

Aug 1, 2012

536. KMH,Blueberry,FZaPP,MiuMin,


Hair L003 Blond5 KMH (Lucky Board)
Niel *Mesh* -Vela- Dress in Green Blueberry (Group Gift)

Earrings&Necklace FZaPP (Subscribe gift)
Seaside *Mesh* Dress -Cotton- in Blue Blueberry (Group Gift)
Kintoto Lovers MiuMin (TGGS Anniversary Hunt)