Aug 27, 2013

664. IREN,sf design,COTONA,ChiChickie,Atooly.

..............FREEBIES !!

[[ Left ]]
HAIR Lazy Braided IREN (Group Gift)
Comfy Tanktop IREN (Group Gift)
SHORT PANTS Floral COTONA (Group Gift)
Sports sandal sf design (Menstuff Hunt Gift #32)

[[ Right ]]
Shyla - Gift Color Mocha ChiChickie (Subscribe gift, Check history)
Open Cardigan IREN (Group Gift)
SHORT PANTS Pink dot COTONA (Group Gift)
Sports sandal sf design (Menstuff Hunt Gift #32)
Pretty Bow Headbands & Mustache Necklaces Atooly (Lucky Board)
Little Bow Ring Atooly (GIFT)

Aug 21, 2013

663. Dirty Laundry, COTONA, FLG, BCC, GABRIEL...

...............FREEBIES !!

[[ Left ]]
Ruffled Tank & Denim Shorts Dirty Laundry (Join the Picnic Hunt No. 21 / Aug 1 - 31)
Zebra Heel COTONA (Group Gift)

[[ Center ]]
HAIR FAT PACK Eaters Coma (Group Gift)
Vest Pink Ribbon 21 (GIFT / Okinawa Summer Festival - Ends Sept 1)
My Favorite Jeans Pink & Shoes Romance FLG (Group Gift)

[[ Right ]]
aile Top Pure bonne chance (Group Gift)
dot denim leggings COTONA (Group Gift)
Studs yellow sandal GABRIEL (Dance Bar Ocean Anniversary Gift)

Aug 10, 2013

662. 1mm,FLG,Graffitiwear,ASHMOOT...

...............FREEBIES !!

[[ Left ]]
Summer Hat & JumpSuit ASHMOOT (Join the Picnic Hunt #50, Aug 1 - 31)
clear gamaguchi bag 1mm (Lucky Board)
Flower Pumps 5 color change S@BBiA (Lucky Board)

[[ Right ]]
Mermaid Princess Hair Wreath Graffitiwear (Unlucky Dip)
Summer Outfit - Top 3prints, Jeans Short, Sandals FLG (Group Gift)

Aug 3, 2013

661. Escape, Miss Canning, Baby Monkey...

...............FREEBIES !!
[Left] to [Right]

UnB Tshirts - 5 Colors La petite fleur (GIFT)
Straw Shoulder Bag S@BBiA (Lucky Board)
Juana Espadrilles Baby Monkey (Group Gift, Fee to join)

Hair - Kestrel Kin (Freebies)
PARIAH Tanks - 20 Colors Miss Canning (Group gift, Join & Check notice)
Sandal 04 gold Bee Make (Lucky Board)

Flare Tunic Blue S@BBiA (Lucky Board)
Capri Pants Esacpe (Lucky Board)
Sandal 04 gather-white Bee Make (Lucky Board)

Loose Tank Esacpe (Lucky Board)
Up Shorts 7Style (Group gift)
Juan Espadrilles Baby Monkey (Group Gift, Fee to join)