Mar 27, 2012

492. NN,DemotiK,Rosy mood,Stuff in Stock,Shey...


somewhere bexond the sea top Casual Couture (Groupgift March 2012)
Retro Shorts [NN] (Violet Mafia Group gift)
Kicks DemotiK (DemotiK's gifts for Violet Mafia)

hair Myosotis Rosy mood (FREE)
Rock gift dress Stuff in Stock (FREE)
Unisex Sneakers Shey (Group gift)

Tee, white jean shorts with brown belt Unique Clothing (subscriber gift)
RED Moccasins Shabby Chic (Twisted Hunt, Mar 1 - 31)

491. Sassy!,UPS!,ENVIOUS,Unique Clothing,Kennedy's


[Left] to [Right]

SparksFly Sweater, Shorts, Shoes ENVIOUS (Violet Mafia Gift)

Heat dress Sassy! (Violet Mafia Gift) ,Pumps Kennedy's (Violet Mafia Gift)

Dress, Necklace, Rope Belt Unique Clothing (Violet Mafia Gift)

Kony t-shirt, Kony jeans miniskirt UPS! (FREE)

Mar 15, 2012

490. S.I.C49,Cynful,Energie,Legal Insanity...


Energies Skin Vershe (Energy Group Gift)
Sushlee Top, Modest Jeans Cynful (Energy anniversary Gift)
Black Uggs Energie (Anniversary Energy Gift)
Energy Ring !Blog This! (Energy Club Gift)

energy club b-day 2012 TShirt, Pants, Sunglasses
Legal Insanity (Group gift for Energy Club 2nd Anniversary)
ArmyJacket S,I,C49 (Group gift)
Denim Jeans - White VISION (Energy club GIFT)

Mar 14, 2012

489. Tee*fy,PRISS,Halcali,bonne chance.

[Left] to [Right]

Antique Dress Halcali (Group Gift for CandyMall)
Blomqvist Dress PRISS (FREE)
Simple Cream Dress Tee*fy (Lucky Board)
Pure Angel Dress BBC (Lucky Board)

Mar 12, 2012

488. C'est la vie,EXILE,Blah,RONSEM...

Hair - ring it On!:Frosted EXILE (SOM gift, Check history - 'Mar 6' message)
High-necked Shirt lemonyellow C'est la vie ! (Lucky Board)
My Zebra Confy Leggings Blah (INWORLD GROUP GIFT)
Sneaker Yellow Cafe*Amie (Lucky Board)

3DGlasses Kumaki Glasses Style (FREE)
[MESH] 1000GM TEE RONSEM (Group Gift)
Loose jeans Pumpkin (Lucky Board)
Snugs fatpack KOOKIE (Subscribe welcome gift)

Mar 10, 2012

487. MEB,The Secret Store,JANE,Tee*fy...


Lullaby Dress The Secret Store (new subscriber gift)
Blue Leather Stiletto Boots MEB ( SISTER HUNT Kiosk - MEB for MIMI)

Hair Olive - Fat Pack Milana (Subscribe gift)
C12-02 Knit Cardigan, Shirt, Skirt M*Motion (Lucky Board Seychelles Mall)
Knit Cuff Boots:Brown Red S@BBiA (Lucky Board)

open hoodie JANE (SOM gift, Check history - 'Dec 24' message)
grace dress JANE (SOM gift, Check history - 'Mar 1' message)
my ugly scary cat bag Tee*fy (New Group Gift)
Sneaker Brown Cafe*Amie (Group Gift)

Mar 3, 2012

486. M's AVON


Poncho-002 M's AVON (Group gift)
Fringe Ankle Boots GG M's AVON (Group gift)

Poncho-leopard M's AVON (Lucky Board)
Fringe Ankle Boots LB 1 M's AVON (Lucky Board)

485. Diva,COCO,1mm,Fe,M's AVON


Hair "Diva2" (Fatpack) D!va (more than 30000 group member celebration gift)
knit hoodie enji 1mm (Lucky Board)
catdot tights 1mm (Group gift)
SuedeBoots(Mesh) COCO DESIGNS (Group gift)

Hair "Shizuka" (Ruby) D!va (Lucky Board limited color!)
Jeans Dark Blue Belt & Leather -Red Fe (WomenStuff Hunt. Feb 3 - Mar 3)
Fringe Ankle Boots PICKS GIFT M's AVON (Profile picks gift)