Jul 31, 2012

535. BALKANIK2.0,BC322,Cafe Loops,Sheep Door,LOVE RE ME...


HAIR Cafe Loops (for cafe gift)
dot polo white LOVE RE ME (Group Gift)
Shoes Lowtops Grape Jelly TinRoof (SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE)
Music Travel Bag Bella's Lullaby (Lucky Board)

HAIR Cafe Loops (for cafe gift)
Rock T-shirt DISCO 1 BC322 (Lucky Board)
Shimashima Pants Sheep Door (Lucky Board)
FATPACK Standard Espadrillias - Turquoise BALKANIK2,0 (Group Gift)
Shades BALKANIK2,0 (Group Gift)

HAIR Sophie ChiChickie (Subscribe Gift - Jul 22, '12)
Rock T-shirt Bad Religion 2 BC322 (Lucky Board)
FATPACK Standard Espadrillias - Leopard BALKANIK2,0 (Group Gift)

Jul 26, 2012

534. LollipopZ,ROXY CLOTHING,Milana,ufo,LOGO...

[Left] to [Right]

Hair - Liana in 4 Colors LollipopZ (Hair Fair Gift)
Rainbow Earrings WERTINA (FREE @ ::: Freebiesowo :::)
Hippie top, bracelet, mini jeans skirt, key chain ROXY CLOTHING (FREE @ Freebiesowo)

HAIR Mel Milana (Hair Fair 2012 Goodies)
Tie Front Shirt, Ruffled Mini Skirt Pixel Snobs (Summer Lovin' Hunt #044, Jul 7 - 28)
Lola Pump Baby Monkey (Group Gift)

Hair Exile (Hair fair gift)
Skirt - on a windy day ur favorite one (Group Gift @ cafe B4)
Slip-On Clogs Duh! (Lucky Chair)
envelope bag champaign 22769 ~ casual couture (TGGS Anniversary Hunt)

HAIR Melissa LOGO (Hair Fair 2012 - Gifts)
Open lace tops RibboN (Lucky Board)
Day trip skirt Le Poppycock (Group Gift)
Georgie Pumps Purple Baby Monkey (Lucky Board)
Clutch handbag BagLady Design (SOM GIFT)

Jul 24, 2012

533. Zibska,deeR,MAYDEN COUTURE,BeautyCode...


Hair - Tessa Alice Project (Hair Fair 2012 free gift)
Peacock Feather Earrings Tahani Designs (FREE @ ::: Freebiesowo :::)
Tank, Tatoo, Tongue Sugar & Cyanide (My Sale Boudoir Festival Fair Gifts)
pants - Grey WERTINA (FREE - exclusive color for Freebiesowo)
USA Sneaker CHICA BOOM (My Sale Boudoir Festival Fair Gifts)

Hair Nan and Severine Earrings Zibska (Hair Fair Gifts)
MESH regatta top [Multi-Texture] deeR (Group Gift)
Mesh Shorts Black Hole Sun (Summer Lovin' Hunt, Jul 7 - 28)
Sneaker Boots Heart MAYDEN COUTURE (My Sale Boudoir Festival Fair Gifts)
2 Silver Bracelets BeautyCode (My Sale Boudoir Festival Fair Gifts)

Jul 14, 2012

532. Le muguet,Blueberry,Ruxy,


lace top Le muguet (FREE)
Pants polka-dot resort2 Le muguet (Camp)

hair KARIN B Le muguet (Lucky Board)
Floral tunic green Le muguet (group gift 01)
Elani Mesh Skirt Blueberry (Group Gift)

Dress, Beachabag, sandals Ruxy (Santorini Special Group Gift)

Jul 10, 2012

531. DROP, NuDoLu, bonne chance,


[Left] to [Right]

*Dream girl pajamas White Flower bonne chance (Group Gift)

*RoomWear Set D R O P (Group Gift)

*Debardeur long NuDoLu (Lucky Board)

Jul 9, 2012

530. Pirate Arts,Orsini,PopTart,MODISH,NV...


Venice Cropped Summer time NV (Depraved Summer Love Hunt, ends - July 15)
Patiala Pants SHINE (Group Gift)
pumps trico - kiwi ROLY-POLY (free)
Plushie Totenbag Bella's Lullaby (July Group Gift)

Skin Lepota MODISH (Group Gift)
neck bandana Pirate Arts (Group Gift)
tank girl union jack mesh top Orsini (free)
Corduroy Skinnys PopTart (Group Gift 6/28/12)
Ankle beach pinup red boots Pirate Arts (Group Gift)

Hair ENA-R21 2set Hair shop HINAKO (Group gift)
M. Jackson Off Shoulder Shirt Bella's Lullaby (free)
hotpants peace Casual Couture (Depraved Summer Love Hunt, ends - July 15)
Rebel Handbag BagLady Design (Subscribe welcome gift)

Jul 7, 2012

529. Poised,MDL,PopTart,7Style...


Leopard Cropped Top PopTart (Group Gift 6/28/12)
MissP Jeans Stars & Stripes (Group gift, Join ::Poised:: & Check notice)
Ankle Boots 7Style (Group Gift)

DenimShirt Dark Blue GABRIEL (L$1)
4th July Ruffle Skirt MDL (Group Gift)
Lady Boot PYTHON (Lucky Board)
Bag MDL (Lucky Board)

528. Kal Rau,HairARt,DECO,7Style,CHoOoZ,Lola...


Promo V-Neck and Shorts with HUD Kal Rau (Group Gift)
antalya sandals colour change sf design (FREE)
Necklace FZaPP (FREE)
Key Chain Kal Rau (Group gift, Join & Check notice)

Brandon Hair Brown HairARt (June Group Gift)
Wooly Pully DECO (SOM - Group Gift JUNE 2012)
skinny Graffiti Jeans 7Style (New Gift, limited time!)
Skully Chucks Kennedy's (SOM gift, Check history)

Shirt Headache SANTO (GROUP GIFT)
Dress Nina Lola (Group Gift)
Boots "Jones" Peppermint CHoOoZ (Midnight Mania)

Jul 2, 2012

527. PINK HUSTLE,COCO,Exile,Baby Monkey...


92036 M (Hair, Dress, Heel, Nail, Necklace) PINK HUSTLE (Lacky panel)
ClearToteBag COCO (Group Gift)

Andressa Dress Chloe (Group Gift)
MESH high heels platform [Multi-Colors] deeR (Group Gift)

Mesh* Dress Blueberry (Group gift, Join & Check notice "Jul-2")
Ultimate Kate Wedge Baby Monkey (Lucky Board)

Hair Maureen Exile (FREE)
Lydia Dress Gold Baby Monkey (Midnight Mania)
Ultimate Marnie Yellow Baby Monkey (Midnight Mania)