Apr 24, 2014

698. Sassy,M.I.X.,JAVA,Masoom.

...............FREEBIES !!
........Left to Right........

[ Rachel dress ] Masoom (FabFree Gift)

[ DRESS lace black ] M.I.X. (Lucky Board)

[ Envy Me dress ] Sassy (FabFree Gift)

[ GOOD GIRL DRESS ] JAVA (free gift)

697. Tukinowaguma,M+M,B!ASTA,dirty little secret...

...............FREEBIES !!
........Left to Right........

[ SAFARI Summer dress ] B!ASTA (FabFree Gift)
[ Dress FEDORA ] M+M (Group Gift)
[ Juniper All Colours ] Baby Monkey (Lucky Chair)
[ Point Shoulder Dress ] SENCHA-AN (Lucky Board)
[ Dali butterfly dress ] dirty.little.secret (FabFree Gift)

All Necklace & Earrings Pure Poison (Group Gift)
ALL Sandals Tukinowaguma (Group Gift)

Apr 18, 2014


...............FREEBIES !!
[[ Left ]]
HAIR 'Annan' ChiChickie (Subscribe gift, Check history)
Long Tank / Skinny Jeans / High Sneakers Bella's Lullaby (Group Gift)
Boho Time Necklace Pure Poison (Group Gift)

[[ Right ]]
HAIR 'MINATO' ARGRACE (Subscribe welcome gift)
Nerd Glasses X-SIGHT (Happy Easter Hunt, Ends Apr 23)
Knitted Off Shoulder Sweater M&M (Happy Easter Hunt, Ends Apr 23)
Designs unisex sneakers gojo (Cosmopolitan Saleroom Group Gift)

695. SENCHA-AN,S@BBiA,Moon Amore,M.I.X.,Prim & Pixel...

...............FREEBIES !!
[[ Left ]]
Glasses SENCHA-AN (Lucky Board)
Layered Blouse SENCHA-AN (Lucky Board)
Denim Shorts S@BBiA (Group Gift)
Flat Shoes-RED SENCHA-AN (Lucky Board)

[[ Center ]]
hair piece&love brown lollipopz (GROUP GIFT in Mimi's Choice)
Sleeveless Blouse & Tank Prim & Pixel (FREE)
Lily Skirt, Stockings, Kate Flats Elate (FREE)

[[ Right ]]
Yellow April HeadScarf Moon Amore (Group gift)
Off Shoulder Top SENCHA-AN (Lucky Board)
lace skirt M.I.X. (Lucky Board)
Alice Pumps-BLUE SENCHA-AN (Lucky Board)

Apr 3, 2014

694. Social Vintage,Pure Poison,LVLE,taketomi,kDm...

...............FREEBIES !!

[[ Left ]]
Hair 'Black Magic' FULL GIFT little bones (Group gift, Join & Check notice)
Coral Earrings / Bowtie Swirls Pure Poison (Group Gift)
Off Shoulder Blouse Ivory Social Vintage (Group gift, Join & Check notice)
Sorcha Heels LVLE (Subscribe gift - Check Notices)
Bamboo & Suede Handbag Duh! (FREE)

[[ Right ]]
Hair 'Quele' taketomi (Group gift, Join & Check notice)
MIKA dress kDm (Lucky Board)
Shoes Portia Patent All Colours Baby Monkey (Lucky Chair)

Apr 1, 2014

693. Miss LT,A.W,Cavalieri,J.Allen,milky-way...

...............FREEBIES !!

[[ Left ]]
hair FAT PACK Eaters Coma (GIFT 03)
military uniform shirt A.W (FREE)
MicroSkirt Miss LT creations studio (FREE GROUP GIFT)
sneakers - yellow Miss LT creations studio (FREE GROUP GIFT)
Zipped mesh clutch fatpack Miss LT creations studio (FREE GROUP GIFT)

[[ Center ]]
Elite glasses - 005 Miss LT creations studio (FREE GROUP GIFT)
Letterman jacket green milky-way (Lucky Board)
Street Style Sneakers White J.Allen (FREE)

[[ Right ]]
HAIR Daisy Cavalieri (Group Gift)
Tee, Tatoo, Sneakers A.W (FREE)