May 31, 2011

404. *aF* Style,MEILING,NuDoLu...


HAIR Wang in Dye Tones vive nine salon (FREE)
Boder tunic *aF* Style (1st. Anniversary gift)
Signature Canvas Tote and Bandana Scarf MEILING (FREE)

HAIR Bouquet BC322 (Group gift)
Honey Glasses and Lipgloss Les Petits Details (Group gift, Join & Check notice)
cotton long onepiece blue pesca (Group gift)
Porte-monnaie de chaton NuDoLu (Subscribe welcome gift)
sandalettes chuculet (1L)

403. 1mm,pesca,Ambrosia,PsyChoTroPia...


retro onepiece light green pesca (Lucky Board)
Delphine pumps Shiny Things (subscribe gift)
Flower BAG RibboN (SOM gift, Check "May 16" message)

HAIR Teased Up - Fatpack !lamb (FREE)
camisole Ambrosia (gift gacha)
Ballerinas Grey and Pink PsyChoTroPia (Group gift)

HAIR Present "Delete"ALL WAKA & Yuki (Lucky Board)
Romanticdress purple 1mm (Lucky Board)
sandalettes chuculet (fabfree Group Gift)

402. vive9,Mischief,BC322,RoTtEn DeFiAnCe,


KnitCap BC322 (Group gift)
Hang Up Shirt RoTtEn DeFiAnCe (THE ROTTEN HUNT)
Black Decay Jeans RoTtEn DeFiAnCe (THE ROTTEN HUNT)
Leather dot shoulder bag 1mm (Lucky Board)

BandanaTop & Jeans & Tattoo Beautiful Dirty Rich (FREE)
HAIR Rainbow cotton Pink BC322 (Group gift)
Marine knit cardigan M*G*S (Lucky Board)
Fishnet Leggings RoTtEn DeFiAnCe (THE ROTTEN HUNT)
hotflops skull deviant girls (Lucky Board)

HAIR Wang in Dye Tones vive nine salon (FREE)
Polo Dress 5 colors Mischief (FREE)
Ballerinas & Bag PsyChoTroPia (Nature's Hunt Spring Blossoms #14, May 1 - 31)

May 27, 2011

401. lamb,JPK,NADAS,salire...


HAIR Teased Up - Fatpack !lamb (FREE)
Patchwork Skirt set little waltz (Lucky Board)
Petanko Slippers HNFactory *petit* (Lucky Board)
Rabbit Baby Natural (Lucky Board)

HAIR Unbirthday Redux - Fatpack !lamb (FREE)
Mossy Bear JINN POW KINN (Lucky Board)
Patchwork skirt salire (Lucky Board)
Jelly Beans shoes ROLY-POLY (FREE)

Hair LUCY Heart Softens (Group 8000 Thank you Gift)
Sandal sakura-blue Bee Make (Lucky Board)
Charm Anklet Baby Monkey (Group gift)
Pippa Clutches Fat Pack Baby Monkey (Group gift)

May 26, 2011

400. !lamb,Label Me Inc,arnadi,M*Motion...


BEAR BEAR HOODIE Label Me Inc (Tons Of Teddies Hunt #46, May 1 - 31)
long dot t-shirt BUKKA (Unlucky Chair)
pants chino light AWRAM-VIIE (Group gift, Join & Check notice)
ROYALTYS Shoes So Official (Lucky Toilet, 60 minutes)

HAIR Dura (Group gift)
Cardigan,T-shirt,Short Pants,Trenca M*Motion (Lucky Board)
cube Neklace ra'ta-j (FREE)

HAIR Teased Up - Fatpack !lamb (FREE)
Puff-sleeve Tops & Maxi Skirt G Field (SOM gift)
Papinas Butterfly Set PaPiLLoN Design (Summer Preview Hunt, May 2 - 30)

HAIR Teased Up - Fatpack !lamb (FREE)
Hoodie Jacket Grey arnadi (SKATE'N SURF Hunt, May 14 - June 14)
Lowered Shorts & Sunglasses SZD Mainstore (Group Gift)

May 18, 2011



Hair Fudge mikan (Openning Gift)
Tshirt fall into decay (FREE)
My White Plaid Bag Duh (Lucky Chair)
socks set II (Group gift, Join .:: Mother Goose's::. & Check notices)
White Canvas Slip Ons Duh (Lucky Chair)

HAIR Present "Delete"ALL WAKA & Yuki (Lucky Board)
Armwarmer NCparis (Group Gift)
Patchwork Shoulder Bag JINN POW KINN (Lucky Board)
Carrot Skirt mocha (Group gift)

Poncho Vita's Boudoir (Group Gift)
Flower BAG RibboN (Lucky Board)
nautical star wasabi geta deviant girls (Lucky Board)

397. BP,Lost world,1mm,NCparis...


shimashima skirt (Group gift, Join BP* Update Group & Check notice)
Sunday Morning Boot TOXIC KITTY (Group Gift)
kago bag and pink Scarf 1mm (Group gift)

Hair - FATPACK Palomma Dark Mouse (0L - for the Free Dove)
Dream of summer - Camisole and skirt Lost world (Group gift)
Gladiator sandal Serene Moment & Rainy Day (FREE)

Hair Color Sample Heart Softens (FREE)
Liberty Top NCparis (Group Gift)
TRESOR Bracelet NCparis (Group Gift)
hot flops skull deviant girls (Lucky Board)

May 16, 2011

396. S H I N E,silenced,MEB,House of Fox...


Hair KOKO Heart Softens (Lucky Board)
MIlitary set - Shirt and pants S H I N E (Group Gift May)
Delphine pumps Shiny Things (subscribe gift)

Olivia Hair Blonde silenced (Garden Tea Party Hunt)
Rive Droite Jacket MEB (FREE)
Tube Top - FATPACK Sweeter Than Candy (Subscribe gift, Check history)
Kaly Jeans silenced (Where is...HunT, 1st May - 22 May)
RomanBag HOUSE OF FOX (SOM gift, Check "Apr 24" message)

May 14, 2011

395. silenced,Poised,TOXIC KITTY,Lamb...


Hair L002 GoldenBrown KMH (Lucky Board)
Shirt & Skirt S@BBiA (Lucky Board)
dot bag S@BBiA (Lucky Board)
Zimmy Flats Shiny Things (subscribe gift)

Sasha Hair silenced (Lucky Board)
spring dress silenced (Garden Tea Party Hunt)
Lace tights REALE (FREE)
Selene Boot Tan Baby Monkey (Group gift / notices)

Hair Color Sample Heart Softens (FREE)
Dress S@BBiA (Group gift)
Amy Boot Denim Baby Monkey (Group gift No.23)

HAIR Heart - Honeycomb Roots Lamb (Subscribe gift)
Whateva Tank top Poised (Group gift)
Pocket denim kokeshi 1mm (Lucky Board)
Union Jack Shoulder Bag JINN POW KINN (Lucky Board)

Hair CONG Heart Softens (Group 7000 Thank you Gift)
Little Wing Tank & Jeans Poised (Subscribe gift)
Sunday Morning Boot & Rosary TOXIC KITTY (Group Gift)